Fraboom, Bamboo, & Online Classes and what my daughter is getting for Christmas…

My daughter, Daphne, will be 5 next week…and she really has everything she needs.  She doesn’t need any more toys or games, but puzzles and books are always a welcome addition to her collection.

This year, we would like to give her a gift that will really add to her learning experience as she is not in school – didn’t meet the age cut off qualifications –  as she enjoys interactive, hands on activities.

After some careful research, we found a new online program targeting kids ages 6-12, which teaches them about various subjects related to science, math and language development utilizing a classroom style environment.

The company is called Flying Rhino and the product Fraboom.  The product is a Google Chrome based application which allows kids to interact with and be taught by teachers…

For more information, click here.

The experience will get better for my daughter.  She is very artistic.  Some of the classes encourage kids to explore their artistic sie on a digital level as well using a new electronic writing tablet called Bamboo where they draw on a digital tablet and are taught how to create cartoon images and caricatures.

So how much is all of this?  Well, the Fraboom membership is only $5.99 a month, but you can test out most of it now in its BETA form…  And the Bamboo, while available on for a little more than $75, is also available through Wacom and includes 6 months of membership to Fraboom for only $99.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

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