LOWE’s Last Minute Gift-A-Thon, 12/17-12/19

Lowe’s did it once…and now they are doing it again!!!

Here’s their tag line…
“We’re doing it AGAIN? YES. It’s another Lowe’s party on Facebook! With more 90% off values — and fewer technological adventures. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Go after our limited 90% off values! But we’ll also have something for every fan who shows up — from GREAT party favors to 20% off values to … a urinal? ”

It’s time for the Lowe’s Last-Minute Gift-A-Thon.

Friday December 17, 9 AM to Sunday December 19, 11 PM.

Last time they gave away 90% off codes for refrigerators, Dyson Vacuums, and Kitchen Aid Mixers….among other things.  I wonder what this Gift-A-Thon will bring… Tune in to find out.

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One Response to LOWE’s Last Minute Gift-A-Thon, 12/17-12/19

  1. Bonnie Neff says:

    Love your money saving deals. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

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