Target Text Alerts: Mobile Coupons

So if you have not already signed up to get coupon from Target mobile yet…there is no time like the present to do so.  You get coupons delivered straight to your mobile device…  You pull them up on your phone as you get to the register and they scan the barcode from your phone.  It’s easy…and the best part is that because they are Target mobile coupons, they are Target Coupons and you can stack them with Manufacturer’s Coupons.

Coupons featured this week expire 12/10/2010 & include…

$3 off Avatar Ultimate Edition (Blu-Ray or DVD)
$3 off Nintendo DS Zhu-Zhu Pets Video Game
$1 Kids’ Book priced at 3.99 or higher
$1 off 6 oz. Wonka candy canes (gobstoppers, sweetarts or spree)
$6 off 1.7oz Lucky You fragrance
$2 off Boots No. 7 Intensive Line Filler
$1 off Kellogg’s Special K (protein bars or protein shakes)
$.50 off up & up Household Cleaning Item
$1.50 off Purina dry pet food (cat food or dog food)
$1 off Pizza Hut Express combo meal or food item

Sign up at Target Mobile Alerts.

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